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Is Abidexin the Real Deal? A Complete Review

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Struggling to Lose Weight

When diet and exercise is not enough, what do people do? More and more people are trying organic supplements these days then ever before. The market place is set to sell over $9 billion dollars in supplements this year. One of the hottest verticals in this market is the weight loss niche. One of these new drugs, AbiDexin  is one of these pills.

Whats in Abidexin?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot. In fact there is really just a mixture of  two or three other proven types of weight loss ingredients thrown together. We do not think this is a very good supplement. In fact the company who sells it has been accused of repackaging an older supplement that has now been banned, Apidexin. Nothing the change in spelling. Seems like a scam to us.