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When the little ones Start making Grown Up Choices

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

How to Become A Detective  Its Always Scary

When your kids grow up and start asking tough questions. I’m not talking about questions like where do babies come from. I’m talking questions like “What should I do with my Life” Recently my youngest asked me how he can become a detective. And truthfully, I did not know a thing about it. So I set off to do some research. I started of course by googling How To Become A Detective.  I found a great site, that was packed full of useful information. It taught me the difference between being a detective on the police force and being a private detective.

I was surprised to know that being a private detective can actually be a lot more lucrative compared to being on the police force. It also should me the challenges that they face on a day to day basis. Truthfully I would like to steer my kids away from a career in law enforcement because of the obvious dangers.  How ever it is not always up to use. Sometimes you got to let kids be kids.

Should you tell your kids there are not allowed to pick they career choice they want to? It all depends. My oldest wanted to be in a rock band. Thankfully he grew out of it but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t give it one hell of a shot. We supported him for the most part. By support I mean encouragement and not telling him he was being an idiot. One thing we did not do was support him financially. This is an important part. You can have your kids chasing their dreams while your slaving away paying their bills.